We love creating fun, quirky and new designs. The problem we had was what to do with them. Just carry on storing them in the garage? Hide them away in that pointless folder on your laptop? Take a great photo only to be seen once every year on that clustered camera roll?

After a brainwave one gloomy evening @RetroLyons was created. A refreshing new site that offers all of our wacky designs on relevant products!

Have you ever wanted a high quality T-Shirt, Socks, Hoodies with a quirky design printed on it? Fat Lazy Sloths – Cute Fluffy Kittens. Super Mario – Yoshi. Football – Tennis.

Or do you have a plain wall in your office or house that needs a little lift? Maybe a nice canvas or Framed design. Sunset – Sunrise. Flock of Birds – Pride of Lions. Waterfalls – Crashing Waves.

We would love to hear from you so please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and message us with the designs you want to see #LyonsCreations . By making a purchase it will help us create more designs and buy better software to take @RetroLyons to the next level.

Welcome to the Pride.


The fashion industry is notorious for wastage, especially premium brand products. Also combine with that no retail stores and items shipped direct from manufactures to customers. This means a lower carbon foot print per item.


We have a great team working behind the scenes. Making designs is our passion and we would love to create some for you! 

If you can’t find a Product, Design or any of interest to you we would love to use our creative expertise to change that! 
ANYTHING GOES. Dogs & Cats. Sports. Gaming. Environment. Buildings… Or could you do with a simple fresh new canvas for that blank wall in your living room? Maybe a Flower or Bumblebee could bring it to life.
Simply reply to our social media channels @RetroLyons on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or drop us a DM and we will get straight to work. Remember to include #LyonsCreations 
Once your design has been created by our magical team we will notify you. It will then go live on our website. We may even drop you a discount code for your input. 😉 
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